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Keeping up your side hustle

A year ago today, I had just left a full-time job that I hated and I was about to start a part-time job that I knew I would love. I went from working five days a week to just working two days, and the rest of my time was mine to do as I pleased. Between a few hours of paid freelance writing, I had three whole days to fill, and it was a little daunting.

(I spent a lot of time doing this)

I started working part-time in May, and so for the first few months I spent my days off pretty much bumming around in the sun and reading. I wrote a bit, ran a little, and caught up on sleep I didn’t know I needed. But eventually I started doing something useful with my time off and learnt how to weave.

I have been weaving for almost a year now, although I didn’t start showing anyone my work for almost 6 months because I wasn’t sure if it was any good. So I just crafted for me, on my terms, and in a style that I learnt from trial and error. Weaving was therapeutic, it made me forget everything else besides the task at hand, and it made me feel productive.

(I made dissss)

But life isn’t supposed to stay one way forever. Yes, it was an amazing 8 months living with my parents, working a little and chilling a lot, but I always felt guilty. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough with my life, I felt trapped and aimless, and I knew eventually this little purgatory would be replaced by a real, somewhat adult life.

And now, almost a year later, life has changed. I moved out of my parents and into an amazing house with my partner, I found a full-time job in publishing (something my 19-year old self always wanted), and I finally feel like a productive human being.

I was lucky to find a job in a field I’m passionate about. Publishing is something I’ve always been interested in, ever since I studied it in my first year of uni. And even though there are the inevitable rainy Tuesdays when I long for those part-time working days, I know my life is heading towards a very good place, and I finally have a sense of what my future will be.

It’s difficult to make time for weaving. I get home from work and I barely have the energy to make dinner, let alone craft. But then something reminds me of why I started weaving, like a random Etsy sale all the from way from Colorado on my lunchbreak, and I find the inspiration to keep making time for it.

It’s so important to keep up your side hustle when you work full-time, whether it’s writing, painting, or even just reading. Your side passions are an integral part of who you are, and as hard as it can be to summon the energy to start… you’ll always be pleased that you did.

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