Big life changes

I’ve been pretty absent on my blog recently, which makes me sad because one of my favourite things each week is sitting at my laptop and letting myself write.

But this week I’m currently finding time to write this sat on my new bed in my new apartment, with only 4G signal and the radio to keep my company because I don’t have a sofa or a TV and worse still, WiFi.

My partner and I decided 2018 was the year we would finally get our own place, so at the beginning of February we went to look at a few houses on a whim just to see what was out there.

2 hours later, and settled on a coach-house style apartment, we had paid a holding fee and were filling out tenancy agreement forms. We moved fast on securing our perfect first house, because we knew if we didn’t we’d kick ourselves.

So then began the next few weeks of job searching for me, because our new place is near Portsmouth, and I was currently living with my parents in Dorset.

Flash forward to today, sat amongst most of my possessions and flat-packed furniture, and we’re here! We moved in last week during the biggest snow storm in the UK for ten years, so it was pretty wild.
We’ve sourced most of our furniture from eBay or Wayfair, and we’re slowly making the house a home. Stay tuned for more house updates!

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