5 ways I’m combating January Blues

The first few days of January never feel real to me. It’s tough getting used to going outside again, not wearing pyjamas all day, and not having chocolate and crisps for breakfast. It’s really tough to slide back into ‘everyday’ life, knowing that the next big holiday is Easter, and even that is 81 days away (despite shops already selling Cream Eggs, even though I haven’t finished mourning Christmas).

But January is tough for everyone, and we shouldn’t feel isolated or weak for feeling especially low this time of year. So here’s my top 5 tips to blast away the January blues.

1) Plan an exciting getaway

I’ve always thought my birthday was quite conveniently placed in the year. A February birthday means I’m not overshadowed by Christmas, but I still don’t have to wait too long after Christmas until I have something to look forward to again (or until I have a valid excuse to have chocolate for breakfast again). This year I decided I wanted to stay in a Shepherds Hut in the New Forest for a change of pace, so now I’m looking forward to a cosy weekend with my boyfriend spent cosied up by a log fire and going on walks hunting for wild horses!

2) Change one bad habit

I’ve always been a coffee fiend, and I blame for parents for letting me have tea and coffee from the age of 10. But I’ve become so dependent on coffee that I’ve convinced myself I need it to wake up and complete tasks. But this year I’ve been swapping coffee for squash with hot water, and honestly it’s changed my day drastically. I’m not longer getting caffeine withdrawal symptoms, and I’ve realised I’m still confronted by a warm drink and it doesn’t matter that it’s not coffee or tea. This also means I’m drinking more water without really thinking about it, which is an added bonus!

3) Focusing on something creative

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been really focusing on my weaving! Now that I’ve set up my business, it’s encouraged me to keep weaving and keep experimenting with different things. Knowing that I now want to pursue weaving as a part-time business rather than just a hobby has been the push I needed to keep working on my craft. So I’d definitely say finding a reason to be creative, whether that’s making a gift for someone or trying to make money from doing the thing you love.

4) Celebrating the small stuff

January is notoriously the month that we struggle the most financially. Even when I worked full-time, January just seems to soak up those pennies as quickly as it soaks up that New Year’s Eve optimism. But so far this month I’ve actually managed to be super thrifty with what I buy, and even managed to save money by withholding from my usual impulse buys. I’ve managed to avoid too much online browsing, and I’ve tried to keep myself busy in the evenings which is when I would normally be scrolling on shops online.

5) Not setting New Year’s Resolutions

I didn’t set any specific goals for 2017, and it still turned out to be one of my best ever years. Obviously I’m always striving to be a decent person, my healthiest self, and confident enough to chase the life I want… but those are things I think we should be striving towards always, not just for January. I think once we set a ‘resolution’, we’re setting ourselves up to fail if we don’t meet a certain target, and that can mean a huge setback if we feel we’ve let ourselves down. So while there are lots of things I want to get down in 2018, I’m taking each day as it comes and enjoying little accomplishments.

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