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Grateful for my spoilt childhood

One of my ugliest traits is definitely how spoilt I am, or how spoilt I can come across. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I was absolutely spoilt as a child in the best way, because I have two parents who have loved me unconditionally, supported every decision I’ve ever made, and have been proud of me regardless of how many stupid decisions I have made in the last 22 years. 

My parents were in there mid-thirties and early forties when I was born, so there wasn’t an ounce of 20-something selfishness or wanderlust, and they threw themselves completely into parenthood. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having children in your twenties or even earlier if that’s what you want (especially because Gilmore Girls is my favourite show), but for me I think there is so much to do before you become repsonsible for another human, and I’m so glad my parents travelled and did all the selfish things they wanted to do before having kids.

My parents weren’t the type of people to force me to do chores, spend hours making me study extra hard or learn an instrument I didn’t really want to learn. Instead, I grew up will lots of freedom, lots of love and plenty of chaos. I never had to worry about telling them I’d failed a maths test or that I was going to study an arts degree rather than pick a course that would actually land me a job, because no matter what they would always be proud of me for trying.
If my parents had been the type of people to force me into things or be overly strict, I definitely would have rebelled even more than I did. But because I was given room to grow, I became a decent person on my own. I wanted to do well at school without being bribed, I wanted to be a kind and half decent person, and I actually grew up to be super tidy to counteract their hoarding and clutter.

Despite having an older brother, most people presume I’m an only child because of how much my parents do for me. When I moved home two years ago, most of my friends assumed they would start charging me rent and ask me to help around the house in exchange for their hospitality. But they’ve never expected that of me because it isn’t the type of people they are. They would much rather have me at home than watch me struggle in a grotty and overpriced flat on my own, so here I am two years later still eating their food and taking advantage of the heating constantly being on.  

As much as my parents irritate me, I now have a really great relationship with them both, and I think that’s all down to being spoilt as a child and being grateful for my very comfortable and easy upbringing. 
I’ve grown up as a very family-oriented person. I’ve also grown up with a slightly skewed understanding of the way the world works because of my parents, and sometimes I do believe that everything should go my way with minimal effort on my part. But regardless of this, I see the relationship some of my friends have with their parents, and I’m made aware how lucky I am to have two twin pillars of stability and unconditional love.

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