Autumn/Winter favourites

I absolutely love this time of year. Halloween and Bonfire Night are over for another year, and the countdown to Christmas is officially on (as much as we try and fight it, the holidays are coming kids!). I’ve already got myself fresh highlights and a swanky new fringe for the new season, and wanted to share some cosy bargains I’ve picked up to see me through till March.


This time of year is my favourite time to dress, and it’s the time of year I feel most myself. Summer is great and all, but wearing denim shorts that cling to my skin and vest tops that draw unwanted attention just isn’t me, so I’m all about wool hats and oversized jumpers that hide plenty of sins. The one drawback to winter fashion is the hefty price tag that comes with warmer material and more fabric, so I made it my mission to update my winter wardrobe with stock items on the cheap.

Winter heels – Dorothy Perkins £29.25


From November- February, I find it disturbing to see a bare toe. It’s freezing outside, and nobody wants frostbite so keep ya socks on! I’ve opted for biker boots as my go to heel this year. I don’t wear heels often, and I’m definitely more of a casual dresser these days, but it’s nice to have a glam ankle boot ready to go for a night out or even to jazz up a pair of jeans.

KnitwearRuffle Yoke Jumper from Dorothy Perkins  £25 and Orange cable knit turtle neck from M & S £35




I have to admit I’m a hugeee jumper whore. I think I find the perfect jumper that is ‘the one’, but then a month later I’ll find ‘the one’ again, and so the vicious circle continues. I’m not sure if a girl can ever have too many jumpers, as they are the ultimate ‘throw on with a pair of jeans/denim skirt’ item. Cold day? Throw on a jumper. Job interview? Jumper. Get home from work and want to put your pyjamas on at 6pm without your parents judging you? JUMPER! My favourites are these two bold coloured beauties from Dorothy Perkins  and Marks and Spencer, both of which are ridiculously cosy and easy to wear with any outfit.

The perfect winter coat – Faux shearling jacket from Matalan £40




A good winter coat is something that can last you absolute years, and I’m a firm believer that one or two big coats is all you need. Faux shearling coats are all the range right now, but rather than paying the premium price, I chose this Matalan option which is honestly the best I’ve seen at a fraction of the price. This coat is honestly all of the snuggly, and can transform any outfit into a Scandinavian dream.

Iconic skirtLeather skirt from George at Asda £14 




I’ve honestly been searching for the perfect leather skirt for well over two years, and I know it’s been that long because I wore a size 8 one on my 21st birthday and it was so short and ill-fitting that everyone saw my underwear the entire night (luckily I don’t really remember much of that birthday). Needless to say I wanted to get a proper fitting leather skirt, specifically a midi length one with zip detailing. Obviously, when I was doing my daily scan of George and saw this leather skirt of dreams was only £14 I had to get it. This skirt will go will all of the above items, and it’s such a transitional piece for daytime to night wear. Plus I get to channel my love of leather in something other than a jacket!

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