Animal Crossing Pocket Camp review

It was announced a few weeks ago that Nintendo were releasing a mobile Animal Crossing game, and as someone who has been playing a version of this wonderful game since 2006 (AC Wild World was wonderful and I miss it), I was definitely buzzing.

IMG_20171030_163032.pngAnimal Crossing Pocket Camp is a free mobile game, and unlike other versions of the game where you either work for Nook or you’re the Mayor, in this version you are the manager of a camp site! The basic aim of the game is to build up your campsite with amenities (tents, swings, BBQ area and lit furniture) so that lots of animals will want to stay at your site.

Just from playing the game for the last few days, I’d say it definitely reminds me of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer in that you are basically just fulfilling requests for animals and moving up in the game while doing this.


The game features lots of the much-loved characters from Animal Crossing New Leaf including Isabelle, K.K Slider, Cyrus & Reese, Mabel & Sable, Timmy and Tommy Nook. More recurring characters from the game also appear, like well known villagers Goldie and Jay, and there are also a few new faces (including mafia style penguins who will jazz up your campervan). I’m only on level 12 of the game so far, so more familiar critters may pop up!


The first thing I noticed about the game is how smoothly it runs, and how fantastic the graphics are on my Huwaii (Android) phone. The touch screen element is very reactive, and the controls are the same as the console game with a few added bonuses such as with fishing/bug catching in the form of tapping prompts when catching things.

The game is very addictive, and you very quickly want to fulfill animal requests to get them to your campsite and unlock more characters.


The more time you spend on the game, the harder it is to fulfill requests, hence where the paid aspect of the game comes in. The game is built around ‘Leaf Tickets’, which you earn by completing requests and moving up levels in the game, but you quickly spend the tickets to help with villager requests, and so there is a vicious circle of request-spend-fulfill.

You can buy more Leaf Tickets with real money, which I’m sure lots of people will opt to do, as it’s quite hard to earn a substantial amount in the game. I can’t see myself using real money within the game, as it kind of feels like a step to far, like Tom Nook is not only taking my bells but now also my real world money (Soz Nook, you ain’t getting my pennies).

The game is definitely worth a download, and unlike the console version Resetti will not jump out of your phone and kill you in real life if you turn off your phone without saving (autosave is a blessing here).

I am still slightly concerned about Isabelle, who never seems to sleep, but she seems happy enough in this new wilderness setting, and I just hope she takes her 30 mins at lunchtime.


As with all Animal Crossing worlds, this wonderful little game is perfect escapism from the real world, and makes you feel very productive throughout playing, even if you are essentially just running around giving people fruit and fish in exchange for wood to build furniture.

I’ve even got my Animal Crossing sceptical boyfriend addicted to this game, which is the highest recommendation I can give you!



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