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Autumn heart: 6 ways to embrace the best season

Is it possible to feel the most ‘you’ in a particular season? Because despite being a February baby, I definitely feel like I belong in in Autumn more than any other season.

It sounds strange, but I even look like autumn with my bronde hair caught somewhere between cinnamon blonde, burnt copper and coffee brown, and I love the feeling of hiding it all beneath a woolly hat. As much as I love the buzz and warmth of summer, nothing quite beats the smell of bonfire, the satisfying crunch of leaves beneath your doc martens and covering your ears from the frosty air with your new favourite beanie.

Here’s 6 ways I’m embracing my favourite season:

1) A new woolly hat
When dressing yourself, I’ve heard you should start from the top… e.g your head, e.g a hat. So what better excuse to get yourself to some new headwear than with a beautiful beanie that is bound to keep you warm throughout A/W? I picked up this mustard knit masterpiece from The Dorothy Days Etsy page!
2) Autumn décor
Everywhere you look for the next three months is all about dark wood, rich mahogany and plaid patterns. It’s a beautiful thing. I picked up this glorious wooden calendar from Asda, as well as this super swanky acorn candle holder (and the egg cups I’ve had for a few months now). Switch up your mantelpiece or bedside corner and get in the swing of autumn!
3) Autumn wreath
Wreaths are slowly becoming acceptable décor for all times of year, and not just a Christmas decoration that spends 11 months of the year in the loft. Fall wreaths are particularly lovely, and can be made with so many things you’ll already have in your garden this time of year from conkers to chestnuts and even pine cones and leaves! Forage in your garden or get creative with felt and wool when making your very own masterpiece. Find the how-to instructions for my wreath over on the Hawthorn Handmade Blog.
4) Autumnal scent
Every season has it’s nostalgic scent, the smell you associate with every passing time of year. Summer is all fresh linen and cut grass, and autumn is a little bit spicy. Pumpkin spiced and spiced apple are two of my particular favourites, so I’ve swapped my meadow diffuser for Asda’s spiced apple!
 5) Autumn skirt
You know when September hits and you want to start wearing trench coats and boots again but summer decides to linger? Yes. That. It’s hard to dress in September, the days vary between muggy and soaking, and it’s not quite cold enough to wear a jumper and coat yet, it’s pretty much all about light layers. But I’ve found that midi skirts will pretty much see you through, especially a denim one! Denim skirts are timeless, classy af, and can be worn with absolutely anything. Wear it with a jumper, t-shirt, bodysuit or even a VEST if you’re feeling brave. Belt it, tuck something into it, and just hold steady until it’s cold enough for tights in a few weeks.
6) To do list for the rest of the year
It sounds strange, but September is the perfect time to reset your goals and get your life back on track for the last three months of the year. Plan that winter break, factor in a budget or timescale for buying & making Christmas presents (to avoid the last minute rush on Xmas Eve), and use autumn as the time to finally get outside and embrace nature (because what’s more high fashion than autumn outwear?). Before 2017 is over, there are 5 things I want to achieve:
1) Learn to knit
2) Exercise at least 4 days a week & get fitter
3 Travel to Paris
4) Find a second job that I love as much as my first
5) Make steps to move out of my parents house
Find a similar notepad at Sainsburys.

4 thoughts on “Autumn heart: 6 ways to embrace the best season

  1. I love your pictures! And I agree, wooly hats are essential. Are you even a lover of autumn without them?! I enjoyed reading your post! You are rocking the wool hat!

    Liked by 1 person

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