Weaving therapy








I’ve never been the type of person to keep up new hobbies/habits for an extended period of time. Besides running, playing Animal Crossing and my tendency to check all of my switches are turned off before I go to sleep, I don’t have the attention span to really get good at something before I move onto my next craze.

A few months ago when I started my new job, I was introduced to weaving, and since then I haven’t put down my loom for more than a few days.

Weaving is a type of craft that incorporates my need for a mindless activity to unwind and also my love of home décor, every weave I make is another addition to my wall!

I think weaving appeals to me because there is no specific technique or right way to do things, and it’s much more about trial and error and experimenting with different stitches. Each weave I make teaches me something new, and I grow a little more skilled and patient every time!

Weaving is such an attainable craft whether you’ve used a needle and thread before or not, and all of the materials are pretty affordable. I use the Hawthorn Handmade Loom (obviously) and weaving supply packs, as well as yarn from my local independent fabric shop. Once you have a loom, some warp thread and yarn there is really nothing else to it!


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