Holiday blues




Is there anything worse than coming back from a week in the sun? You’ve got a mountain of sandy clothes to unpack and wash, your tan has started peeling before you’ve made it back through customs, and you are faced with the dread of returning back to normality.

I’ve recently come back from a week in Aludia, Mallorca, and I’ve definitely fallen into the post-holiday slump. Once I’d done the washing and put away my nice summery clothes for another year, I was left with this overwhelming feeling of ‘what do I have to look forward to now?’.

I have especially struggled with getting back to my old routine including work, exercise and trying to do something creative with my evenings rather than moping. It’s also been hard having spent a whole week with my boyfriend to get used to being at home with my parents again.

I know it’s not all dreary, and another week back in the familiar drizzle of Britain will soon have me back to my pre-holiday normalcy. I’ve still got so many exciting things to look forward to, like the arrival of Autumn, Paris at Christmas, and continuing to love my job and working on my creativity.

So to cheer myself up, here’s a look back at my holiday snaps!




On our first day, we went for a walk in search of pool inflatables (if you know you know) and ended up finding this beautiful lake. We got to this vista just as the sun was setting, and it made arriving at 4am and having had no sleep that day completely worth it!





On our second day we ventured into Port D’Alcudia on the hunt for fake Ray-Bans and adventure, and we definitely found both of those things! The port itself had a beautiful beach, and plenty of great photo ops. We also managed to find the ice cream float of dreams.




Saturday was a lazy old beach day, and we got to overhear some hilarious conversations in Spanish, French and English. There is no greater feeling of contentment than falling asleep in the afternoon sun, listening to the sounds of the waves and knowing you have nothing on your to-do list for the foreseeable future.



Obviously, no holiday is complete without a bike ride around the Spanish ghetto, right? We took an evening cycle around the lake we’d discovered on the first day, only to discover it wasn’t really a cycle path and was actually just a lot of clay and grit. Still fun though, especially both falling into a puddle of clay and dirt!





Sunday in Alcudia is market day! We went into Old Alcudia and explored the beautiful walled town (after fighting our way through various stalls selling fake designer goods and fidget spinners). We found a great little gelato place to refuel, and then we walked around the ruins of an old Roman City in 40 degree heat! It was a really cultured day, which surprised us both as we’re huge children and not usually the cultured type.







On our penultimate day, Captain Jack and I hired a boat from the port and sped off into the open waters without a boating license or flare gun (I love the Spanish outlook on life – you don’t need a boating license to hire a boat but you do need a siesta every day). We were told the sea was relatively calm, which was probably just a ploy to make us hire the boat, because as soon as we got out of the harbor the waves got crazy and there were dicey moments. With only the slight fear of being thrown out of the boat, we drove along the whole coast of the island, even stopping for a little swim which was pretty sketchy considering the recent shark sightings in Mallorca.


Our last day was pretty much spent by the pool, taking advantage of our free slushys and buffet food for the last time. Thanks Mallorca, it was the best.

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