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Three months of abstinence from new clothes



I adore clothes. Browsing for new clothes I don’t need gives me a rush like nothing else, and I’m a firm believer that life is only worth living when you’re waiting for an online delivery.

But over the last few months I’ve noticed I have started to rely on new clothes to give me some sort of validation and confidence boost, and I’ve definitely fallen into the algorithms trap that comes with consumerism where pretty much every email, social media advert and hashtag is encouraging me to BUY MORE BECAUSE I’M SAVING 20% WHICH IS BASICALLY FREE.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. For the next 3 months, I am going to abstain from buying any new clothes, shoes or accessories (obviously this doesn’t include underwear or makeup, because I’m not completely feral and my boobs seem to grow by the day).

This challenge genuinely terrifies me, because what will I become without a brand new package arriving every month (sometimes week)? What else will I spend money on?

As much as I know I will struggle with this challenge because of constant advertising, other bloggers showing off their latest hauls and knowing I only have a few months left of my student discount (even though I haven’t been a student for a year heh), I am excited to see how I manage this.

I’m sure that despite having an obsession for unicorn and cat embroidered clothes, my wardrobe and bank account will thank me for this in the long run. There will be lots more space in my closet and that space will be occupied with lots of clothes I may have forgotten I had. My savings account can also start to fill up with all of the money I would normally spend on new goodies every month, which means I can save up for more adult things like house deposits and holidays.

I think this challenge will also teach me to shop sensibly. Rather than buying items for the sake of it because I’m only £10 away from free shipping (if you know you know), I will be buying items because I genuinely love them and because they bring something completely new to my wardrobe and life.

I’m hoping that over the next three months, not only will I be testing my self-control, but I will also learn about the importance of budgeting, and choosing clothes wisely. I think this challenge will definitely teach me to be a quality not quantity gal, and hopefully my wardrobe will stay small, minimal and full of hidden gems I’ll wear for years and years.

Stay tuned for my progress reports, withdrawal symptoms and progressive insanity as I browse longingly at the Miss Selfridge sale knowing I must remain a window shopper for the next 12 weeks (2190 hours and counting).

Sandals – Birkenstock 

Sailor Tee – La Redoute 

Tassel Shorts – Asos

Miffy Jumper – TruffleShuffle 

Crotchet Vest – Apricot (Similar here)

Shorts – Levis

Sandals – Dr.Martens


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