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My quirky summer faves

I’m a big fan of being a little different in my fashion choices. Though I don’t necessarily follow every new Insta girl trend or latest style craze (I will never wear a bralet as a top and I’m okay with that), I do like to keep my eyes peeled for quirky pieces, something with a little edge. Chances are, if a piece of clothing is embroidered, tassled or has a cat on it then I’m IN. So I thought I’d share with you some summer pieces I picked up recently that have a cute little twist… perfect if you want to be a little different but still ‘trendy’.

Possibly my favourite purchase of all time is this pair of strawberry embroidered shorts I picked up at New Look. Fruit always tends to emerge onto clothes this time of year, but I couldn’t resist one of my favourite foods splattered onto a good pair of blue jean shorts! I also love the subtle distress at the bottom of the shorts, and appreciate how these aren’t the typical ‘short shorts’ which seem to dominate the industry. These actually cover my bum, and for that I’m eternally grateful.


I’m not much of a swimwear kind of gal. I shy away from bikini’s and even one-pieces and normally just chuck on an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt if I hit the beach. But as soon as I saw this textured red swimsuit in M & S, my inner Pamela Anderson came out, and I knew I had to get it. I’d been looking for the ultimate ‘Baywatch’ costume, and this is the best one I’ve seen. This costume not only makes all of my curves and edges feel secure, but it also looks great with a pair of shorts and a cover-up, and could easily be worn as a bodysuit with a pair of jeans and heels!


If you’ve got a big pair of boobs but a relatively small waist, you will understand the pain of bikini shopping. From the age of fourteen, I have had to cheekily swap tops and bottoms around when buying a bikini so that I’d end up with a size 16 top and size 10 bottoms EVERYTIME. It is very rare to find a shop that actually sells bikini tops in bra sizes, so most of the time it’s pot luck and lot of crying in changing rooms while screaming at your mum to get a bigger size (you feel me here, right?). But thankfully, 2017 has been the year of higher neck fashion (even for bikinis!) so I managed to find two bikinis that I didn’t fall out of and actually love! My leaf patterned number is another M & S steal (M & S is literally so funky now – forget the 60+ stigma) which I bought last year, but you can find a similar style here. The black crotchet bikini is from Missguided , and is honestly so flattering and comfortable; imagine feeling as secure as you would in a wetsuit but still getting a tan!




Fleece and summer may not be two words that go hand in hand, but when it’s a pair of super comfy Nike Air shorts, it’s a combination that definitely works. These Nike Air shorts have come in so handy on warm days when I don’t want to be constricted by denim, and because they’re wide-legged and roomy, you don’t overheat while wearing them. Just hear me out on this, but these sport shorts look really good when paired up with a swimming costume, and you don’t get the awkward chaffing that you do with short shorts!


Aztec print is definitely one of my faves. It’s great for summer as well as winter, and I always find it really flattering and a bit funky. I recently picked up this aztec print kimono in River Island, and honestly I’m so happy with it and know I’ll wear it over most outfits all year long! Though it’s meant to be a beach coverup, I’ve been wearing it with jeans and over dresses, and I’ve had so many compliments it’s unreal. This is definitely a staple item for your wardrobe, and perfect for adding a pop of colour to outfits.


Sandals and warm weather are a bit of an oxymoron; You know they look good on, but is it worth the dodgy tan line and blisters? The answer is YES, because these Green Palm Print Espadrille Sandals from New Look are absolutely delicious, and you can avoid the blisters if not the dodgy tan lines. Espadrilles always feel so much comfier and more substantial than sandals, and when they come in an amazing bold print like this, who can resist?


One of the saddest realisations in my life was that I could never pull off a Bardot top, even though Brigitte Bardot is one of my idols. I really don’t get on with strapless bra’s, and so I’ve never been able to wear strapless tops… that is until now! Thanks to whichever fashion person noticed a market for bardot-style tops with added straps, because you’ve honestly changed the game for me. I adored this tribal print cold shoulder top from Next and just presumed it wouldn’t fit right because of my hour glass shape and broad shoulders. But I’m so glad I tried it on, because it’s so flattering, and the viscose material is just the thing for summer. I could easily wear this top with a pair of jeans, shorts or even with a maxi skirt, and it can be worn with so many different colour ways and styles.


I can’t deny I’m a hat person. I live for hats, especially fedora’s. Even if I see a fedora in a colour I already have, I have a to try it on and see if it’s more ‘fedora-y’ than my other one. I was after a straw fedora for the summer, but every hat I tried was either too floppy or too much like a trilby, which wasn’t what I wanted. Finally I found two different ones almost simultaneously from Zara (out of stock, but similar here) and Accessorize. To me, the perfect fedora is combination of brim size and sturdiness once on your head, and both of these hats fulfilled my criteria!


Don’t feel like you have to dress like every girl on Instagram (she says, as she links her blog to Instagram). You don’t have to follow every fad and trend just to look good, and fashion, particularly in the summer, is all about what makes you feel comfy and sexy and also like you could hit the beach and not care if you get sand in every crevice. Sack off bikini’s if they don’t make you happy, wear a pair of shorts with strawberries on and embrace your inner seven-year old, and definitely find a hat to rock to protect yourself from the sun but also look fly wearing!

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