The ultimate Boho Summer dress

Just like Lorelai Gilmore can smell snow, I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ve all had the first scent of summer in Britain over the past few days, and it’s been glorious. My favourite song ‘Boys of Summer’ by Don Henley is back on the radio and the seasonal smells of suncream, BBQ smoke and freshly cut grass have filled the air. My summer wardrobe has began to make an appearance, and my latest favourite is this Bohemian dream dress from

Maxi dresses are always tricky for this time of year with the worry of being too hot or appearing overdressed. Getting the balance between the right style to suit you and the occasion can be difficult, especially if like me you are both petite and curvy.

Me and my best friend were recently discussing how much we love Bohemian fashion. Floaty, floral and freeing clothes are perfect for the summer, and that care-free style always looks great on other people. But we also had to accept that being voluptuous has its drawbacks and doesn’t quite go hand in hand with bohemian style, as floaty clothes can tend to make you look like a tent (in the nicest possible way, bigger boobs can be a real hinderance with fashion).

But nonetheless, I saw this dress online and could imagine myself wearing it, which doesn’t often happen with dresses longer than my knees. I think Boohoo is kind of overlooked these days because of Asos and Missguided, but I’m always surprised with how much great content they have, and also how much cheaper they are than other online stores.

I’m loving pairing this maxi dress with Dr Marten Clarissa sandals and a wide-brim fedora (channelling my inner Sheryl Crow with this country-meets-bohemian look), but it could also be dressed up with chunky heels, silver accessories and bolder hair & makeup.

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