The Rachel to my Monica





I try not to read too much into my most successful relationship being with somebody who has lived over 4000 miles away for eight of the ten years that we’ve known each other. But because of the type of people we are, I genuinely believe the friendship I share with my best friend is down to the distance between us, and how much more we throw into our relationship because of it.

In 2015, I wrote an article for HelloGiggles about why my long-distance friendship was the perfect relationship for me. And though I don’t want to simply repeat that same article, I just wanted to reiterate the importance of female friendships, and why mine has been so long-lasting.

Prior to a few days ago, I hadn’t seen my best friend Jade for nearly two years. Due to Jade living in Calgary, Canada and me living in Dorset, England… you can probably guess how expensive and difficult it is to arrange reunions. But whenever we meet again, time and distance become irrelevant because she is still this tiny person who has shaped my life and my personality and goals, and the years just falls away whenever I see that coy grin. Our hair might change, our makeup might improve and thankfully our fashion has come a long way, but the same thoughtful and ridiculously clumsy girl I met when I was twelve is still my best friend, and our friendship has endured despite all of the stupid things we have done.

Thanks to the age of technology, I never feel disconnected from Jade despite being on different continents. We can still chat daily via Messenger and Whatsapp, feed updates of our outfit and mood via Snapchat, and keep in the loop of the other’s latest interest via Instagram. I feel very lucky in this day and age to still have the same best friend who I met at high school, and also to never have had to compete with her for anything because we aren’t that way inclined. I always joke that if we weren’t friends I would hate her because she is beautiful and funny and charismatic and confident in a way which I’m not, but then I remember that actually we’ve never had a competitive relationship with each other because we’re equals, a team, and prefer to save our energy for sassy remarks and the mutual judgement of others.

A lot like Rachel and Monica in Friends, Jade and I are a perfect balance of chaos and reason. Jade brings a wildness and fun to my life, and I like to think I bring a little bit of reason and sanity to hers in times of crisis or conflict. Nobody else has the ability to completely de-stress me and force me to just live in the moment, and I’m forever grateful for our ridiculous and childish shenanigans. Jade without a doubt brings out the best in me, and without her I would be a neurotic ball of tension. When we are together there is just a rightness to the world; we’re funnier, crazier and stupider when we’re together, and that’s the best part of us.


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