A very Murray outfit

I was adamant I didn’t want my blog to become a narcissistic documentation of outfits I wore everyday, but I had to make an exception for this outfit. You know those days where you feel so good about yourself that you don’t want to change your clothes or take off your make-up or brush your hair? Well… that’s how I felt about this ensemble.

I’m not usually very good at dressing nicely. I have big plans to finally wear those beautiful clothes stashed away for when I’m feeling brave and confident, but then I always change my mind at the last minute and pull on the same old jeans and jumper.

But I decided to take a risk and finally take my new River Island gingham skirt for a twirl, as well as my new Bill Murray shirt. The skirt is long which made me feel more comfortable about bearing my legs in the middle of April, and I was comforted to know the shirt was baggy anyway so didn’t feel too summery or overdressed for work.

I’ve never really received so many compliments on one outfit, especially when I felt a bit like a kid at a birthday party spinning around after eating too many cocktail sausages.

Sometimes it pays off to jump out of your comfort zone and into a risqué outfit; such as a skirt which you worried looked like a picnic blanket but actually looked awesome.

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