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The Burt’s and the Bees

As much as I try and deny it; I’ve always been a very ‘girly’ girl. Despite a brief stint when I was eleven when I wore boys school shoes and refused to wear a skirt, I’ve always loved pretty things… especially lipstick.

I’ve come a long way from sneakily wearing clear lipgloss in year eight. In fact, I now like to consider myself a lipstick connoisseur, and I strive myself on being that girl always wearing lipstick. I’ve tried pretty much all of the big brands (except Kylie Jenner’s, because I can’t endorse making a spoilt teenager richer). I’ve sampled Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Mac and of course high street favourites Rimmel and L’Oreal. But my absolute favourite has, and always will be Estée Lauder. 

Estée Lauder lipstick not only comes in a super sleek magnetic case, but the colour and finish is also the best I’ve come across and makes me feel like a classic 60’s queen. From the perfect nude ‘Discreet’ to a sultry ‘Brazen’ purple, the colour stays all day, even when I eat and drink (and trust me, I’m the worst for lipstick chin so this stuff is gooooood).

When I heard Estée Lauder had teamed up with Burt’s Bees, I was really eager to try out the lipstick. I’ve always used Burt’s lip balm, so to know that Burt’s natural ingredients and super soft lipbalm was teaming up with Estée’s statement colour was very good news.

I opted to try Ruby Ripple as my first colour because it looked casual enough for work and bright enough to transition into evening glam (ya know how I be). The colour is a purpley red, and feels super moisturising. I’m excited to try out the different colours!

Although I can’t quite justify being a vegetarian just yet, I am trying to only buy natural cosmetics and clothing (hence my new obsession with vegan Doc Martens).

Burt’s Bees use 100% natural ingredients (could they BEE any more natural?), just like my boy Asda (owned by Walmart) focuses on ethical production in sustainable working conditions. On a side bee-note, check out my latest Asda binge in the form of this magnificent jumper!

One day I’ll be ready to live a life without animal cruelty, extending even to my diet. But until I’m ready to part with steak, I’ve made it my mission to focus on natural cosmetics, and supporting ethical business.

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