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Three weddings and a reunion: shoe-spiration





Ya know those weeks that just seem to fly by in a huge blur of busy evenings, four consecutive days of dry shampoo, and shoveling dinner down so quickly you can’t remember what you ate? Yes, it’s been one of those.

Between recovering from a torn ligament, catching a two-day cold, creating four FIMO models and watching Beauty and the Beast, other than work and Animal Crossing time, I’ve literally felt like a blur of a person rushing from one errand to another. And yet, in the midst of a crazy week, I still managed to channel Rachel Green’s mantra… you’re a shoe, you’re a shoe, you’re a shoe (yes, I actually got three new pairs of shoes). I’ve always related to this quote, partially on a face value love-of-shoes basis, but also because of what shoes represent for me.

2017 is already shaping up to be a biggy. It’s the year I started drinking water properly, the year I regained my love of Nintendo, and it’s also becoming the busiest summer of my life with three weddings and a huge reunion with my Canadian best friend to look forward to.

So… four big summer events calls for at least one, if not three new pairs of new shoes, right? And of course, it wouldn’t be me unless at least two pairs were purchased from a supermarket, although I did glow up and get two pairs from my beloved (and very fancy/adult) Marks & Spencer.

New shoes are a step of confidence. A stride of pride as new feet step into the unknown, not too certain whether you’ll last the night, but pretty damn sure your feet look hot. Being 5’3, I’ve always been a heels girl, but I’ve never managed to find that perfect pair that are balanced between looking fire but not feeling like fire every time I walk.

But then, as I perusing M&S and lusting over their ruffled sleeved blouses, I came across a pair of mustard sandals, with a wood block heel and Insolia (super squishy/comfy) lining, plus they were under £20 so I was SOLD. I love little pops of mustard at the moment, whether it’s a leather jacket paired with black jeans, or these amazing shoes paired with a summer dress.

While on my M&S lust-have browse, I also came across the most perfect pair of embroidered mules, which seemed too perfect not to get, plus I’m a sucker for the colour red and anything embroidered. These mules will be perfect to throw on with a pair of white jeans in the summer, or alternatively great for whipping on with any kind of dress for those summer weddings and evening events.

New Look have also dialed their SS17 game up to a ten, with the release of lots of new seasonal dresses and shoes, with plenty of prints and textures. I was after a reliable pair of heels that were relatively low, and that would look good for smart/casual as well as dressed up. I opted for a pair of cut-out chunky heels . As well as loving Khaki and Suede, I also can’t resist anything with a 40’s twist, and loved the vintage feel to the shape of these shoes; somehow sturdy but also feminine and beautiful (just like the best of us).

If you ask me, every girl needs three types of high heels: one pair for comfort, one statement pair, and one pair of versatile mules. Get hunting, your dream shoes on a budget are out there!


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