Nostalgia and Tom Nook: Still playing Animal Crossing in my twenties




I still remember going to collect my first Nintendo DS from Argos when I was eleven. I can still recall the excitement of a new console that was all mine and a brand new game to make my own. Not much has changed since then; except now I finally have the pink console I always wanted, and it’s 3D.

I’ve never been one for quest or agility games, and especially any kind of game that requires you to unravel riddles because of my lack of sportsmanship and raging temper when I lose at anything. So Animal Crossing has always been light release for me, a sweet little game where I could build my own town and determine my own happiness and sense of game satisfaction. There has also always been this compulsive aspect to my personality where I like to control certain things like cleanliness, so having my own little town to tidy and de-weed every day is very cathartic for me.

Even now, especially now actually, I get this sense of calm when I play AC. Nothing else matters except running around my little town, planting flowers and catching fish, and running errands for my animal friends. Also, who doesn’t love catching rare bugs, fish and fossils, and being able to donate these to an adorable museum that’s basically just rooms of stuff you’ve sourced yourself for the good of your town?

I love how each animal has their own personality; sweet, sassy, sporty, sleepy and even grumpy… I relate to all of them at different times in my week, so it’s good to know I can always vent to my virtual neighbors.

Animal Crossing is my little haven of nostalgia, and a little area of the world which I can control. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or out of control in my own life, I always have Doe Town to fall back, and an encouraging Tom Nook to swiftly remind me to pay my mortgage so I can expand my home. Tom Nook, by the way, is completely underrated, and is the real MVP of Animal Crossing. 

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