Scandinavian & woodland influences


There are two aspects to my personality; the granny and the mod. My bedroom, and eventually my own home, will be an oxymoron of clean and understated Scandinavia style combined with garish and heavily printed vintage pieces.  I think it has something to do with the two aspects of myself, the introvert and the extrovert, and sometimes trying to harmonise these two sides and styles can be difficult. But sometimes you just gotta let your feng shui do its shui… so ruffle up some prints and don’t be afraid to add a little chaos to your décor!

Scandi trends and prints are absolutely everywhere at the moment, from marbled notepads of dreams in Sainsburys, to sleek woodland patterns on wash bags from sass & belle. Any item which incorporates some kind of woodland animal instantly takes my money, and I especially can’t resist a fox or a bunny.

My foxy bunting was one of those rare purchases that will stand the longevity of style and life. I bought the bunting from a teeny independent shop in Wimborne when I was eighteen and planning the décor of my student halls, and they’ve been a key piece in every bedroom since then. The shop in question was the kind of place that sells one-of-a-kind items and that you probably won’t find the next week, and I’m always grateful that I have this stand out piece.

The super-Scandi rabbit mug is a Sainsburys special, and I take back any reservations I had about Sains. Although I got somewhat sick of Sainsburys after living in Bath for three years and this being the only supermarket option, it was refreshing to return to the orange threshold and discover a whole new range of monochrome beauties.

The adorable fox mug and dinky egg cups are of course from Asda. These items are constantly in and out of stock on Asda’s website, but I struck lucky on one of my midnight dashes and managed to grab them before they were gone again. Slowly but surely, everyone else is catching onto the potential (and price) of supermarket homeware, and so I’m definitely taking advantage of these items while it’s still somewhat a taboo to kit out your home from the same place you buy frozen roast potato’s.

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