Sassin’ the stigma of Asda




If you asked my partner, friends or family to describe me at my happiest, they would all tell you that never am I more content or relaxed than when browsing for homeware. Running my fingers along fluffy blankets and smelling scented candles is my absolute idea of heaven, and if that’s wrong then I don’t wanna be right.

Duvet covers, throws, pillows, miscellaneous ornaments… you name it, it excites me. But in a world of Laura Ashley, The White Company and Debehams, Asda will always my shining beacon and absolute favourite stop for homeware.

The first time I discovered the home décor goldmine that is Asda was on a random whim while at uni. I was fed up of my only supermarket options in Bath being Sainsburys or Waitrose, and so I decided to travel out of town to the Asda I’d heard tale of. I ended up completely ignoring the foodhall, as I was too entranced by the adorable and frankly affordable home section that caught my eye as soon as I stepped through the green automatic doors.

I’m a sucker for anything Scandinavian or woodland style, so obviously I came away with a duvet cover, several un-needed mugs to add to my collection, and a random assortment of bespoke ornaments (all for less than £20 may I add).

Duvet covers seems to be my achilles heel, from patchwork cats in top hats to dancing llamas. My absolute favourite is still this bike patterned beauty, which manages to make me feel nostalgic for summers in Amsterdam and Copenhagen despite never visiting these cities.

So the whole point of this love letter to Asda is to tell you not to be a snob. Give supermarket homeware a chance – your purse and your bedroom will thank you for it.

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