Take three of ‘new me’

I’ve been restless lately. Maybe it’s because winter is finally ending and I have to accept that I can’t hide everything under big wool jumpers. Or maybe it’s because I’m almost at the year mark of finishing my last university assignment, and without the gratification and sense of accomplishment of meeting a 4000 word deadline, I feel a little aimless. But as I was playing Animal Crossing on my 3DS this morning, and I noticed the snow had disappeared and had been replaced by a perfect green virtual town… and it reminded me that Spring has almost sprung, and it’s time for change.

So here is change; in the form of a brand new blog (or, at least, utilising my old one). I’m not certain right now what this blog will be, all I know is that I have lots to say, and a blog seems like the right motivation to make me say them.

I’d like to think this page will be of interest to everyone; with a little bit of lifestyle and fashion intertwined with random outbursts of thoughts or stories from my week to keep you entertained. It won’t necessarily be perfectly photographed or expertly designed, but it will be honest and funny (let’s hope), and most of all… realistic.

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