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I write therefor I am

You get this feeling sometimes when something happens and you know who you are, what you are, what you will be is about to change.

When I was a child my party trick was making adults stare at me with disgusted-pride as I chose olives or hummus or cheese over cake and sweet things. As an adult, this trick has evolved to eating an entire chilli without flinching. But really, since I was young, the main thing I have learnt about myself is that I’m a storyteller.

As a writer, it is so difficult to simply allow your title to be writer. Something compels us to always jazz it up, “I’m a screenwriter”, “I mainly focus on digital journalism”. It took me three years of a Creative Writing degree, a handful of professionally published pieces, and tons of compliments from strangers and loved ones alike to now be able to declare straight away that I am a writer, I write therfor I am.

I think it’s confidence as much as lifestyle. As a student, you are a student first and your honorary degree second. But why should a writers tag have to depend on publication and the perception of others? It shouldn’t. And that’s what I’ve come to learn.

I’m currently in the stressful process of finishing my degree and having to consider life after university. I have applied for countless internships at papers, television studios and online publications in a variety of roles from researcher, journalist to advertiser. I want a job related to my field of interest whilst also having the possibility to evolve, write, and pitch my own creative ideas.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is don’t settle because the ambiguous, farfetched and terrifying declaration of being a writer is too ambitious for some people to hear. Don’t settle into a dead end job and convince yourself you were dreaming too big. Either get a job that brings you gold material to write about, gives time to write around, or is in a related field to the writer you want to be.








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